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    The top-oil thermometer can have one to four contacts, which sequentially close at successively higher temperature. Refer to specific instruction manuals for your relay. Modern sudden pressure relays consist of three bellows (see figure 1) with silicone sealed inside. Many power transformers with an on-tank-type tap changer have a pressure protection for the separate tap changer oil compartment. LTD. STI. Buchholz (Gas) Relay. The PRD allows rapid release of excessive pressure that may be generated in the event of a serious fault. When the pressure in front of the piston exceeds the counter force of the spring, the piston will move operating the switching contacts. The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites. A sudden excessive pressure within the transformer tank exerts pressure directly on the bellows, which moves a spring-loaded operating pin. Relay is used to produce an alarm in case of incipient faults in the transformer and to disconnect the transformer from the supply in the event of severe internal faults. The protective relay is designed to protect the on-load tap-changer and the transformer during a malfunction within the on-load tap-changer or the selector switch oil compartment. If the tap changer is of the on-tank (container) type, having its own oil enclosure with oil conservator, there is a dedicated Buchholz relay for the tap changer. 4 power transformer protection devices explained in details, Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of, Protecting Oil Type Transformer with Buchholz Relay, http://www.dataonline.com/tank-level-monitoring/. Study specialized technical articles and papers. A rate-of-rise pressure relay … I have two energy meter on the same circuit at different location they are given different reading example first will read 265KW the second will be read 290KW distance between the two meter is +-250m the is at the generator the other is at the distribution panel the CT ratio is the same. Figure 3 shows the principle of a pressure relay. It is customary to remove the air in the power transformers by vacuum treatment during the filling of the transformer tank with oil. Here is assumed that a minor fault occurs within the transformer. This sets up a rapid flow from the transformer towards the conservator. A gas detector relay therefore detects a turn-to- turn fault. The following discusses protection devices typically delivered as a part of the power transformer delivery. The application of these devices is to limit a sudden rise in oil pressure, inside a free-breathing oil cooled Transformer tank. What is OSR Protection: OSR protection is used to protect the internal fault in the On Load Tap Changer Circuits. Short circuit faults such as inter turn faults, incipient winding faults, an… Study specialized technical articles and papers. The vane (V) responds to high oil and gas flow in the pipe to the conservator. It is fitted on the top of the main tank. Also, if used, the separate tap changer oil enclosure can be fitted with a pressure relief device. [...] Learn More Gases produced by minor faults rise from the fault location to the top of the transformer. What do you think it’s worth? The other bellows responds to immediate pressure changes and is affected much more quickly. This can damage or destroy other equipment in addition to the transformer and presents extreme hazards to workers. The temperature bias is proportional to the resistance of the electric heating (resistor) element. The control circuit should de-energize the transformer and provide an alarm. Re-closers, The pots that house the temp probe how often would one check the oil level & change the oil. The transformer pressure relief device valve PRD is designed for use in liquid immersed transformers in order to release excess internal pressure that is caused by a system’s failure. PRD (Pressure Relief Device) is a device which is used for avoiding high oil pressure builds up inside the transformer during fault conditions. > TRANSFORMER ACCESSORIES > Elmek. Pressure Relief Device Valves for Transformers. Changes in pressure in the transformer deflect the main sensing bellows. The bias should correspond to the difference between the hot-spot temperature and the top-oil temperature. The float is attached to a hinge in such a way that it can move up and down depending upon the oil level in the Buchholz relay Container. The gas accumulated without this treatment will, of course, be air, which can be confirmed by seeing that it is not inflammable. This current is lead to a resistor element in the main unit. The temperature sensor then measures a temperature that is equal to the winding temperature if the bias is equal to the temperature difference and the time constants are equal. A drawback of the frangible disk is that the oil remaining in the tank is left exposed to the atmosphere after a rupture. Generally, only a squeeze-bulb and pressure gage (5 psi) are required. The micro switch inside the switching unit is hermetically sealed and pressurized with nitrogen gas. The upper element consists of a float. Test the alarm circuit and verify that the correct alarm point is activated. One bellows senses pressure changes through a small orifice. In case a power transformer is fitted with top-oil thermometer and winding thermometer, the latter one normally takes care of the forced cooling control. Tell us what you're thinking... we care about your opinion! This is avoided in a more effective device, the pressure relief valve, which opens to allow the discharge of oil if the pressure exceeds the pre-adjusted limit. The top-oil thermometer has a liquid thermometer bulb in a pocket at the top of the transformer. By providing the transformer with a pressure relief valve, the overpressure can be limited to a magnitude harmless to the transformer. The relay will ignore normal pressure changes such as oil-pump surges, temperature changes, etc. Filters. Beat me to it Big John... sounds like what you have is pressure relief valve activated or sudden pressure relay. It is also assumed that a major fault, either to earth of between phases or windings, occurs within the transformer. Silicone inside acts on two control bellows arranged like a balance beam, one on each side. Usually, the monitor has two contacts for alarm. One contact is for maximum oil level alarm and the other contact is for minimum oil level alarm. Once every 3 to 5 years, the sudden pressure relay should be tested according to manufacturer’s instructions. This type relay automatically resets when the two bellows again reach pressure equilibrium. The control circuit should de-energize the transformer and provide an alarm. The gas accumulator relay also provides a long-term accumulation of gasses associated with overheating of various parts of the transformer conductor and insulation systems. The relay will ignore normal pressure changes such as oil-pump surges, temperature changes, etc. However, where the policy towards transformers’ loss of life permits, tripping on top-oil temperature may be satisfactory. The figure below shows the construction of a capillary-type top-oil thermometer, where the bulb is situated in a “pocket” surrounded by oil on top of the transformer. Area Layout drawing Instrument Air building Lighting Transformer location k. Fuel Gas Skid Sirius Pump Controller l. Area Lighting Locations m. ... (Nozzles, PRV and Vacuum breakers) 8. Sudden Pressure Relay Transformer NI GAS. The gas bubbles will be tapped in the casing of the Buchholz protection. It just monitors the oil level on the OLTC Conservator tank and how force oil enters into or leaves from the OLTC. Through fault protection. The references provide a A flashover or short circuit in a liquid-filled transformer is usually accompanied by overpressure in the tank due to gas being formed by the decomposition and evaporation of the oil. The relay is designed to detect a sudden pressure increase caused by arcing. This has the added advantage of directly monitoring the oil temperature to ensure that it does not reach the flash temperature. OSR is fitted with special Reed switch which assures rust free contacts even after decades after installation thereby is alert for operation. Full service distributor of controls and solutions for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, process control, industrial automation, and combustion control applications. The operating time of the trip contact depends on the location of the fault and the magnitude of the fault current. Principles are emphasized. Then the gas bubbles pass up the piping to the conservator. ... Buchholz Relay: Working Animation And Construction - Duration: 3:07. check voltage level at both points. It helps you. pls show in picture can u explain the process of substations. A typical Buchholz protection comprises a pivoted float (F) and a pivoted vane (V) as shown in Figure 1. The winding thermometer, shown in the figure below, responds to both the top-oil temperature and the heating effect of the load current. The opening is automatically changed by a bimetallic strip to adjust for normal temperature changes of the oil. OSR provided with the […] Normally, the casing is filled with oil and the mercury switches are open. The bulb is connected to the measuring bellow inside the main unit via a capillary tube. The Buchholz protection is a mechanical fault detector for electrical faults in oil-immersed transformers. This resistor heats up, and as a result of the current flowing through it, it will in its turn heat up the measurement bellow, resulting in an increased indicator movement. Buchholz relay is not provided in relays having rating below 500 kVA from the point of view of economic considerations. Pressure relief device valves for transformers close with decreasing pressure back to completely closed and leaktight position. ASS Relays Power transformer protection AGO3-5005 E Page 6 The current in the short-circuited turns may be 50-100 times the rated current.

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