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    Probating an estate in Arizona is far less complicated and expensive than in many other states. Here is a list of little know facts about the probate process that you should know before you even get started. These are formally titled as small estates, and an executor handles them with no court supervision. By Probate Solicitor Kim Hammond. There are a few ways that an estate can avoid probate. How to avoid Probate in Arizona. This means that instead of having to open a probate proceeding, a simple Affidavit may be used to transfer the deceased person’s personal property. Simplified probate for small estates. If you inherit real or personal property that may be eligible for the affidavit process, the best way to proceed is to talk with a knowledgeable estate and probate administration attorney. Probate is required in Arizona unless the decedent has a trust or listed beneficiaries for all assets. ... Arizona Revised Statutes as amended, for the purpose of making - ... NON-PROBATE AFFIDAVIT for Obtaining Title to the Vehicle of an Arizona Decedent 32-6901 R01/14 azdot.gov. With or without a will, if your estate qualifies as a small estate under Arizona rules, probate may not be necessary. There is one exception to this rule, which is for estates with personal property valued at less than $75,000 and real property under $100,000. In addition to Small Estate for both personal and real property, Informal Probate, and Formal Probate, we also provide a number of other Probate processes to help you. Tuesday, December 29, 2020: Web Site Search: Important Reminder ... Is there a small estate procedure that can be used to transfer this property and avoid filing a probate? We have found that clients like knowing the cost before they hire us. If the estate's value is under the "small estates" limit in your state, you can take advantage of a simplified probate procedure, often called a "summary probate." If you die with a valid will in Arizona, an Arizona probate court will typically oversee the administration of your estate. The probate court has to be satisfied that the lawyer's fee was reasonable in each case. A small estate is one that includes personal property valued at $75,000 or less and real estate valued at $100,000 or less. However, there are different types of probate. While the majority of states have adopted the Uniform Probate Code and abolished their estate and inheritance taxes, there are still about 20 states that charge heirs for the privilege of inheriting even small … File No. Sometimes the probate process addresses the distribution of only some of a person’s property, and other times it is not necessary to apply or file Formal Probate. Items in BOLD are forms that you will need to file with the Court. The value of all of the personal property (cash, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, cars, jewelry, money owed to the person who died, etc.) Small Estate Probate The Clerk of Superior Court handles the timely processing of probates within Coconino County. Provisions for Small Estates; Even if you cannot completely avoid probate, you can make the process less costly and more efficient by taking advantage of Arizona’s small estate procedures. Learn more about Arizona probate law. Arizona’s laws establish a simplified summary probate or affidavit procedure for small estates. Arizona recognizes a small estate affidavit and also a summary administration proceeding. As a practical matter, Arizona is a Sunbelt state. A small estate affidavit, also known as the ‘Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property’, is a document that allows individual(s) that feel they are rightly due to inheritance when the decedent, the individual that died, did not leave a will.This is only for those that have died with less than $5,000 to $150,000 (maximum depends on the State) total to their name.

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